To set up Octopress in its own, isolated Ruby environment


Install rbenv to manage Ruby virtual environments.

Create isolated environment:

$ export GEM_HOME=$HOME/octopress.gems
$ gem install bundler
$ export PATH=$GEM_HOME/bin:$PATH

GEM_HOME and PATH need to be set to do any Octopress work.

Clone Octopress:

$ git clone git://github.com/imathis/octopress.git octopress
$ cd octopress 

Install dependencies and default theme:

$ bundle install
$ rake install

⚠️ If --path is passed to bundle install, the value is cached in .bundle/config, and $GEM_HOME is subsequently ignored.

Emoji support

  • Plugin: https://github.com/chriskempson/jekyll-emoji It is actually necessary to add gemoji to the Gemfile
  • Images: https://github.com/arvida/emoji-cheat-sheet.com
  • `ln -s …/emoji-cheat-sheet.com/public/graphics/emogis source/images/