This patch to Postfix adds a new map type that performs lookups by querying a user-specified external program. Examples and documentations included.

Available files

This diff adds prog map support to a vanilla Postfix (release 19990601).

Example of actual use: I want to alias group-XXX to "all users in group XXX", and "all" to all user accounts (with UIDS >= 1000). should contain:

alias_maps = prog:valiases, hash:/etc/postfix/aliases
valiases_command = /usr/local/libexec/virtual_aliases

/usr/local/libexec/virtual_aliases is a shell script that performs the lookup in /etc/passwd (it would be easily adapted to NIS).

Disclaimer: this code is EXPERIMENTAL! Use at your own risks! Feedback welcome at

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Last update: 2003-03-09