Warning! Please perform careful tests before establishing a gateway between a mailing list and a newsgroup which is not strictly local to your site...

Please report success/failure to the author.

What is the problem?

I consider it really unpractical to read mailing-lists using mail reading software; such software is often inadequate for that kind of communication (even though Mutt's "sort by thread" feature is a quantum leap for this matter). I prefer reading mailing-lists in the form of newsgroups. (NB: YMMV.)

A solution!

I therefore have created a few scripts that facilitate the set-up of a (bidirectional) gateway between a moderated newsgroup and a mailing list, with the help of the Procmail software:

Files here.

Warning! The Perl version of news2mail is untested so far. Please report any problem that you encounter with it. You can also get the old version (a Shell script).

To install a gateway:

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Last update: 1997-04-19