Work is in progress in order to support reading multi-sessioned CD-ROMs on Hewlett-Packard CD-ROM writer units of the 4000 family (this includes the 4020i, C4323 and C4325). Feedback about the code is welcome at Thomas.Quinot@Cuivre.FR.EU.ORG.

I have no support for writing multi-sessionned CDs currently, because this requires quite some work on the cdwrite utility.

Available patches

Only one patch is currently distributed. This diff brings a vanilla 2.0.29/30 kernel to HP 4020i support pl3. This is the current patch for production kernels.

For developement kernels, HP 4020i support is included in the standard source tree since 2.1.4, and no patch is necessary anymore. HP 6020 units are supported as of development revision 2.1.56.

This was coded using Hewlett-Packard documentation available from the Hewlett-Packard Developer Support WWW page.

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Last update: 1996-05-18